AYou can link nearly anything in your HTML page including images. Simply surround the item you want to be a link with the <a href=""> and </a> tags. You can also create placeholder links by leaving out the href attribute. HTML5 makes it valid to link block-level elements like paragraphs and DIV elements.
Some Things to Remember When Adding Links

The final </a> tag is required. If you forget to include it, everything following that link will also be linked, until another link closes the tag.
Most of the time, it's best to link single images and short spans of text, rather than large blocks of text. Links can add colors and underline styles to your page that can be hard to read.
Make sure to check your links so that they don't go bad. Link Rot can make both users and search engines consider your site invalid. Use a link checker to verify the links on your pages.

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