PowerBOX Rubber 32Amp 2P Distribution 230V




PowerBOX Rubber Box 16A Power Distribution

PowerBOX Rubber 32Amp 2P Distribution Rubber box Power distro boxes. Available in 16A to 63A configurations in both Single Phase and Three Phase options. Power options for stage electrical equipment, including Socapex, PowerCON, PowerCON True1. Appliance Inlet IEC309 or CEE17 Trailing plug. Outgoing options such as 13Amp, Schuko, PowerCON, PowerCON True 1, MK Commando, with or without MCB or RCBO protection

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PowerBOX Rubber 32Amp 2P+E 230V

  • Incoming connector: including 32A 2P+E 230V IP44 PCE Midnight Series plug (black colour).
  • 1 Metre HO7RN-F cable 3G6 mm² .
  • Protection: None on incoming supply
  • 1 neon lamp red colour
  • Outgoing connectors: Including 4 x 16A power distribution 2P+E  6h 230V IP44 PCE.
  • Midnight Series sockets (black colour).
  • Protection – 2 MCBs 16A 1pN-C 4.5kA ( OUT 1, 2 ).
  • 2 led green color(out).
  • Hinged Window 2U IP54.


PowerBOX Rubber 32Amp, stage electrical equipment in compliance
with – STANDARD IEC 61439-1/2 (EN 61439-1/2)

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